We’re seeking a new kind of volunteer!  Could that be you?

We have historically used volunteers here at the museum as tour guides to assist casual museum-goers, educational groups, and students on field trips. We have also had volunteers to assist with special events where we need more helping hands, and for general museum maintenance and housekeeping during closed hours. If you find yourself with some free time during the week, or every other weekend, we’re looking for you! Tour guides, greeters, and special event workers are needed during museum openings every other Saturday during the open season. Maintenance and housekeeping hours are flexible and are for times when the museum is closed.

If you have a spouse or friend you think may be good at volunteering at the museum, who would like to get involved, we are looking for them!

If you’re involved in another organization that you think may have members that would enjoy aviation, airplanes, history, or museums, send them here to our website to fill out the form below!

If you’re a teen working on your volunteer hours for high school and want to try something new, we are looking for you!

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