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The preservation outreach group, Friends of Bellanca Airfield, Inc. (FOBA) has been formed to preserve this classic hangar, owned by the Trustees of the New Castle Common. Several possibilities were initially discussed as to how FOBA and the Trustees, could secure an economically feasible and adaptive use for this structure. After time and consideration it was decided that the hangar would serve as the home of the Bellanca Airfield Museum & Aviation Hall of Fame (for Delaware).

The hangar is on the National Historic Register of Historic Places. It qualifies on its architectural merit, and its association with a significant event or person. It is a prime example of a transportation relic, and is of historic importance to the city of New Castle and the State of Delaware.

While it is the hangar itself that holds historical standing, because of its new use, hundreds of people every year are still able to enter its doors and learn about the Bellanca legacy. However, with constant renovation and maintenance of the Air Service Hangar, FOBA is proud to announce that we are accepting NEW Member Applications. If interested please review the options and fill out the application below.

Annual FOBA Membership Options:
Student: $5
Individual: $25
Patron: $75
Professional: $100
Business: $500
Corporate: $1000

Make checks payable to:
Friends of Bellanca Airfield, Inc.

Please mail your check to:
Friends of Bellanca Airfield, Inc.
P.O. Box 267
New Castle DE 19720

FOBA is a not-for-profit organization.
Member dues and donations are tax exempt.

Interested in volunteering but not ready to become a member? Please fill out the volunteer application instead.

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