Friends of Bellanca Airfield, Inc. (FOBA) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving and restoring the Air Service, Inc. Hangar to honor the memory of pioneer aircraft designer Giuseppe Mario Bellanca.

Bellanca immigrated from Italy in 1911 and continued his passion for aircraft design here in the United States.  His aircraft achieved numerous endurance and efficiency records, and his plane Columbia (shown at left) was Charles Lindbergh’s first choice for a Trans-Atlantic crossing.  Lindbergh was unable to secure the plane, but 2 weeks after that first Trans-Atlantic flight Columbia was flown non-stop from New York to Berlin (3,911 miles).  In 1931, Bellanca’s Miss Veedol was the first plane to fly non-stop across the Pacific from Japan to Washington State (4,500 miles, shown at right).

In 1928, Bellanca and Henry B. duPont built an airfield, aircraft plant, and air service hangar in New Castle, Delaware.  Located off Route 273 near the Delaware River, the plant produced approximately 3000 aircraft before closing in 1954.

FOBA members and volunteers are restoring the 1935 Air Service Hangar, owned by the Trustees of The New Castle Common. Interested individuals may contact FOBA by filling out the contact form on this website or sending an email to for more information.

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