Miss Veedol

Miss Veedol was a 1931 Bellanca CH-400 or Bellanca J-300 Long-Distance Special, registration NR796W. It was built at Bellanca Airfield in New Castle, Delaware. It could carry 696 US gallons (2,630 L) of fuel.

Bellanca CF

The Bellanca CF is an early enclosed high-wing monoplane designed by Giuseppe Mario Bellanca that led to a successful series of Bellanca aircraft. Bellanca was nominated for the Collier Trophy in 1922 for the CF design.


The Bellanca 14-7 Cruisair and its successors were a family of single-engined light aircraft manufactured in the United States from the mid-1930s onwards.

Wright-Bellanca WB-2

The sole Wright-Bellanca WB-2, named Columbia, Miss Columbia, and later Maple Leaf, was the second in a series of aircraft designed by Giuseppe Mario Bellanca, initially for Wright Aeronautical then later Columbia Aircraft Corp.

Bellanca 14-13 Cruisair Senior

The Bellanca 14-13 Cruisair Senior and its successors are a family of light aircraft that were manufactured in the United States by AviaBellanca Aircraft after World War II. They were a follow-on to the pre-war Bellanca 14-7 and its derivatives.

The Bellanca Aircruiser and Airbus are high-wing, single engine aircraft built by Bellanca Aircraft Corporation of New Castle, Delaware. The aircraft was built as a “workhorse” intended for use as a passenger or cargo aircraft. It was available with wheels, floats or skis.

This is the Bellanca Cruisair from the Smithsonian site, also known as the state plane of Delaware. This plane was built here in New Castle.