Boy Scout Troop 258 - Bellanca Airfield Museum

2023 – Troop 258

Troop 258 as they finish their last work day in support of Eagle Scout candidate, Christopher Culley (second from right) at Bellanca Airfield Museum, March 2023. The Sky Rocket II is behind them.

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1927 – Now Air Service Hangar

The Delaware State Police Aviation Section was proud to partner with the executive board of the Bellanca Museum to capture some special memories on February the 7th 2023. Over 30 men and women from the Aviation Section, representing pilots, paramedics, and administrative staff, responded to Bellanca to recreate a photograph taken in 1927. Interestingly, the…

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Parasol Monoplane

Pictured is a replica of the Parasol Monoplane that Guiseppe Bellanca built when he came to America. One of three planes on our main floor, the other two are a 1948 Bellanca Cruisair, the official State Historical Plane of Delaware, built in New Castle when the factory was operational, and the Bellanca Sky Rocket II, also known as the Avia Bellanca and the first all-composite plane with a thin fiberglass skin.

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